Cre'at daydreams of a peaceful life!


Those of you who have known fanzines may feel like you are back in your cosy blankee here, or are trapped in the fiery depths of hell! For here you will find rants and even, on rare occasions, perhaps a well formed thought or argument.

Beware: this is the most personal part of the site and you may find it disturbing, we certainly do! We may whinge on about the state of the world, busses and how young people have no respect, yada, yada, yada..!

Your 'Write' to Reply

Being the democratic dictators that we are, have your reply to any of these Musings in the 'Musings: The Comeback!' section of our Forum.

Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed By...

In an occasion series, Tony Gallichan is mildly perturbed by something and spouts off in a rambling stream of nonsense. It's as if you are talking to him but here you can get away from his ranting

This time, Tony is mildly perturbed by...

Andy Simpkins is Moderately Vexed By...

Beware of steam escaping (cartoon style) from Andy Simpkins as he makes a stand against that which most, moderately, vexes him!

Things that Vexes Keith Dunn

Take heed: he covers all the bases!

Karen Dunn is Somewhat Ticked Off By...

Beware anyone that rubs Karen up the wrong way!

Adam J Purcell Ponders...

Take a breather from foaming-at-the-mouth ranting and put on your pondering cap. In this extremely irregular series we will hear the ill formed thoughts and underdeveloped ideas of an individual with nothing much better to do.

So, sit back and relax and hear all those thoughts that we all have but are too afraid to put in writing for fearing the cringe factor in the years to come.

Ritual Roasts

People off the street take the Mickey out of one of the Staggering Stories Team!

Thoughts on the new Doctor Who

The Staggering Stories Team give their thoughts on the new 2005 Doctor Who TV revival

Holly Cogitates...

Gain insight into the hustle and bustle of the life and times of those brave souls who rough it in the colonies.