Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... Star Wars Galaxies

Water-wet-gulp oopsies Lok Dave, Cre'at and Vera on Lok at night Dark Destruction (ooh corny)

You have no idea just how lucky you are to be reading this.

Now I know that right now your probably thinking "What? Lucky? Only if you attach the prefix bad or somesuch", but I'm serious. You see, this article, this musing, this rant, came so very close to never having been done.

Hmm. I'm not winning you over, I can tell.

You see, whilst the rest of the Staggering Stories team, minus Andy who had a hair appointment and George who's in Cardiff overseeing Russell. T. Davies efforts, (They're all doing very well, apparently), have been holidaying in Italy, I have been... elsewhere.

On Tatooine, mostly.

You see, that evil pusher, Adam. J. So Called Purcell, has introduced me to a new game. Star Wars Galaxies. As reported elsewhere on the site, this thing is an online, massively multiplayer game sort of thingy. And damn good it is too.

Too good.

I'm addicted.

Badly addicted.

I've set up a base in a player town called Jealhimet on the Europa-Chimera server or galaxy, joined one of the local Guild, (a big up to my homies in the Jealhimet Elite Army - or something), and am having a whale of a time.

Unfortunately, real life keeps getting in the way. Which is a pain.

So, if I appear to have vanished off the face of the Earth, you now know why, lol.

Going now. Got to log on. Can't be away too long.

I'm sure Lucasfilm are using subliminals.


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