Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by...

Well, who'd have thought it? This is my twentieth musing. I never knew I had it in me, lol. So, let's have a quick look back and see if I've mellowed about anything in the intervening time...

The BBC Doctor Who books.
Well, no. Not really. Oh, I've read a few more. And I'm still not impressed.
The word, "Anorak".
Still sad and proud.
Doctor Who magazine 309.
Kill the little fuckers! Destroy. Exterminate etc. No prisoners!
The Doctor Who theme.
Well, I liked the theme to Scream Of The Shalka, which, lets face facts, was almost a remix. I wonder what they'll use for the new series? I do hope they go back to the pilot version....
The Human Population of The Planet Earth.
Hutton. Bliar. Bush. Hussain. Isreal. Palestine.Haliburton (sponsors of oil wars). So frustrating.
Still mildly purturbed by them, though I will say that this year was very very slightly better...just. I wonder what this new fireworks law will achieve?
Moving House.
I'm settled. Its ok.. Got a few probs with kids and the Trust, but its ok.
Modern Music
Bland. Bland, bland, bland.
The "songs" of William "the Shat" Shatner.
Oh dear God! He's releasing a new album!!!! This must not be allowed! Think of the children!!!
Space Mumps.
Star Trek.
I see that the Kraals from Doctor Who turned up in the last film, Nemesis. Pah. I'm really loosing interest in Trek. Oh, I watch Enterprise, but I don't rush home for it, or set the video. I know that Trek is supposed to have always drawn parallels with current events, but I think that Gene Roddenberry would be horrified at this mission of vengeance in the Expanse. 'Cos thats what it is, you know. I bet when they get there finally, this weapon WILL exist. Unlike certain other weapons of mass distraction.
His Own Convention Anecdotes (Part One)
Yup, still mildly perturbed by them. They hit me in the quiet of the night. Suddenly, without warning.
His Friend's Next Door Neighbour But One.
Yup, she's still being very odd... Gave my friend two bars of soap for Christmas. I know, bizarre, innit?
Spiders (Part Two).
I hate the bloody things! Die, die die die die die die.
Calm calm calm.
Be in your happy place...
The Return Of Doctor Who.
All hail Russel T, All hail the big, talking executive producer!
Look, stop blabbing to every bloody magazine, newspaper, arts programme, fanzine, parish newsletter, just concentrate on the bloody show, mate. Got it? Your getting like JNT - its about the show, not you!.
The State Of Fitzroy Tavernzines.
No new info, sorry.
Adam J Purcell.
Oh yes. Very mildly perturbed.
The Lost Prince.
Again, still no extra info.....


so, yes, to an extent, all still perturb me. Mildly.


Tony Gallichan is often Mildly Perturbed. Put it down to his diet.


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