Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... Space Mumps

People have been wondering whats happened to me. I've gone quiet. Running in stealth mode.


Do you remember the episode of Red Dwarf which had Lister suffering from Space Mumps? The huge swellings on his head...and everything that splattered out when his head burst?

That's me at the moment.


I have an incredibly bad sinus infection. Its a condition I have suffered with now for about ten years. Sometimes it recedes like Andy's hairline did all those many years ago, sometimes it decides to try and make my head explode like Lister.

So, I've had intense headaches most of the time. I've also been living in a bit of a fog...more then usual.

As a result, writing things has become a little more difficult then it usually is. And as for doing any music....Well, sorry, but there's no way.


It's soooooooo annoying. It doesn't help that all this has aggravated my other prob. I have music half done for Dam Audios...haven't been able to finish it and don't want anyone to hear it till it is. Poor David..sorry mate. I should be doing a version of Visions In Blue for a competition I set up on the Ultravox website. Nope. Not happening. I should be doing music for the site. I have plans, should Mark Ayres hang on to those Logopolis masters, to record the music to that pro gramme...from memory. Its been going around in my mind now since the first transmission. I used to tape record Doctor Who and started doing that from the fourth part of Warrior's Gate. We didn't have a video back then. So I'd sit with headphones on, listening to those old episodes. And because the music was done to accompany visuals. So there would be long periods of just listening to the speach etc.


As a result, the music wormed its way into my mind. Especially Logopolis. Paddy Kingslands score for that, possibly because of that oft talked about "funereal" atmosphere it helped to create so well, somehow, I don't know, touched me. Those who've listened to any of my music will spot that I tend to do gloomy things. The Schrodinger Effect music, Synomosia, the Dam Audios audition, Beware The Judder Man etc, all have a certain mournfulness to them. Well blame Kingsland. I've had to live with the music to Logopolis and Full Circle (repeated the following summer...I missed taping part one....) in my head for all these years.


That's why I'm so desperate for Mark Ayres to hurry up and release Warrior's Gate and Logopolis on cd. It will be, hopefully, very cathartic. And clear my mind of it's ghosts.


Tony Gallichan is feeling very sorry for himself and wishes the world would just leave him alone. That includes all those cosmic forces that still enjoy poking him with a stick for a laugh...sod off and leave me alone!