Andy Simpkins is Moderately Vexed by… The So-Called Actor, Tony Slattery

Published: Sometime before 7th January 2002

What can I say about him?

I used to think he was just another bit-part actor until I saw him on the BBC TV programme: "Room 101". His list of pet hates was mildly amusing but he then proceeded to make the cardinal sin of slandering the worlds best cartoon Strip, namely Snoopy and the Peanuts cartoon strip.

My opinion of him immediately plunged lower than whale faeces. I wonder who is more famous...the names Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock et al or that of the aforementioned actor who's only claim to fame apart from starring in a few 4th rate British "Luvvie" movies was a spell inside a loony-bin and a guest spot on "Who's Line Is It Anyway".

One thing I will say though, his career has been meteoric! (plummeting downwards, burning up rapidly without leaving a trace!).

What I will have to do is find a few militant Islamic terrorists, bribe them with some pork pies and cans of beer and see if they'll carry out a jihad on him and all he stands for.