Andy Simpkins is Moderately Vexed by… The Sot'm Race

Published: Sometime before 7th January 2002

A race of bio-mechanoid life forms from the planet Sotus. Pragmatic, stoical and devoted to learning about the universe in which they live.

As you will have read in The Buccaneer Chronicles, Cre'at of Sotus is a fellow traveller with the Buccaneer, a Time Lord from Gallifrey. He perceives the world around him in a very literal way. However, he is an almost constant source of bafflement to the Buccaneer and to Captain Colin Curtis with his idiosyncratic method of getting them out of scrapes.

So, why oh why, does he take an almost maniacal glee in altering the gravity circuits of the Zero Room when the Buccaneer is in there meditating! The shouts and curses that issue from therein can be heard all over the Buccaneer's Tardis!