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Tony Gallichan

Name Tony Gallichan
Age Old enough to know better.
Status Destitute.
Size Of an elephant.
Hairline Like the East coast of America..Huge and undefended. (© Adam J Purcell). Garibaldi Rating.. pre "In The Beginning".
Position Desperate.
Most likely to say "Bibble".
Least likely to say "I'm going to the match on Saturday."


Tony Gallichan was born at an early age on the Channel Island of Jersey in 1967.

He moved to England in 1989.

In 1991 he moved to Crawley and promptly spent the next couple of months sleeping on Keith and Karen Dunn's living room floor. Years of therapy have, as yet, not helped the Dunn family.

A fan of Dad's Army (did you know the whole series is told in flashback?) and several dubious science fiction shows, the real world is rapidly moving away from him.

His mother always told him that he would never amount to anything as long as he liked that "bloody Dr. Who". She was wrong but it makes him more determined to be the world's 'saddest' fan. He is not doing too badly at his mission. Though he doesn't live with his mother he does live alone with only five cats for company.

His greatest wish is either to go home to Jersey, (not practical), or move to a little cottage in a forest, (yeah, right!!).

His hobbies include composing and performing odd noises he swears are music, Ultravox, writing, computer games and becoming a child again so he can roleplay every Saturday night.

Normally the butt of everyone's jokes, and having made several bad mistakes in his life, he is currently pretending to be a renegade Time Lord called Macfadyan - a name plucked from his fanzine, the now defunct Private Lives.

He realises that this biog is far too serious but he is in one of 'those' moods.