The Buccaneer Chronicles: City of Gold

"The world is cold, doesn't care nothing for your soul"

The City of Gold Picture

Time Lords hate a paradox. It makes their skins crawl. So when our merry band of travellers arrive in twenty first century South America and discover that the Human race has never existed, Macfadyan gets twitchy.

Can Macfadyan solve the paradox?

How can a race from Earth's pre-history be involved?

Can Cre'at avoid excommunication?

Who is the great God Oofarfu?

And why would these events give Macfadyan nightmares?

Could it be that the Judder Man is closer than he thinks?

"This was our planet..."

  1. Part One: "Your shadow falls on me revealing a silhouette reality."
  2. Chapter One: Interstitial Conflict.
  3. Chapter Two: "Open the door, get on the floor..."
  4. Chapter Three: "What do you want from me, it's not how it used to be. You've taken my life away, ruining everything."
  5. Chapter Four: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.
  6. Chapter Five: The Lady Vanishes.
  7. Part Two: "I try and speak to god. But he just laughs at my plans."
  8. Chapter Six: The Cross of Changes.
  9. Chapter Seven: "...Otherwise known as Great Grumbleduke!"
  10. Part Three: Playing God Games Forever
  11. Chapter Eight: If you walk without rhythm you won't attract the worm, If you walk without rhythm you'll never learn!


City of Gold (Original Fasa Front Cover)City of Gold (Original Back Front Cover)


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