Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors:
Season Two, Episode Nine

By Andy Dunn

The Emperor’s warship was roaming through space. General Ruthless, General Deathcall and the Emperor were on the bridge in a meeting.

“How the hell could’ve General Intellect been killed? He was a wise and intelligent leader,” stated General Ruthless confusingly.

“General Intellect was a weak fool! He never took the time to strike whilst the iron was hot! He was pathetic!” insulted General Deathcall.


“Every true leader knows that intelligence needs to be equally balanced with strength and skill. General Intellect lacked these qualities. That, is what got him killed,” explained General Deathcall.

“This bickering is pointless! We shouldn’t be fighting each other. We should be unified against our enemies!” stated the Emperor.

“We can’t unify with each other until we all agree on our opinions over tactics!” stated General Ruthless.

“You guys can argue all you like. But my focus and hatred will remain on all of our enemies. Especially on those Rogue Warriors! They are a greater threat to our Empire than any of you even realise. The fact that they managed to kill General Intellect is extremely disturbing! We must find out their weaknesses and exploit it against them. I will not rest until I have all of their heads hanging from my wall!” stated the Emperor angrily.

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Lets go and strike now whilst the iron is still hot!” shouted General Deathcall.

“We can’t attack now! Our army has gotten dangerously low in numbers due to recent battles! We’ll be walking into a slaughter!” objected General Ruthless.

“Have no fear, General Ruthless! Because thanks to our newly conquered planets, our great Empire is growing stronger by the minute. Soon, our armies will be back up to normal standard. We just simply need to bide our time. We will then wipe out the Rogue Warriors, with one…swift…strike!” stated the Emperor confidently.


The Enterprise was currently docked at space dock 737. The Rogue Warriors were there as they gathered some supplies.

Simon, Chucky and Charles were at the refuelling sector.

“Ah, welcome back, Rogue Warriors” greeted the stores clerk.

“Hi, mate. We’d like you to tune up our ship with fuel,” said Charles.

“No problem” said the stores clerk.

He then got a large hosepipe and connected it to the Enterprise.

After a couple of minutes, the storage tank indicated that it was empty.

“Oh. I’m sorry lads, but I don’t have enough to completely refuel your ship,” stated the stores clerk.

“What? How can you not have any more fuel?” asked Simon.

“Because the new shipment hasn’t come in yet” explained the stores clerk.

“Isn’t there any way to get anymore fuel?” asked Chucky.

The clerk then thought for a second.

“Well, there’s a rumour that there’s some special inexhaustible fuel somewhere in the neighbouring systems,” stated the clerk.

“Inexhaustible fuel?” asked Charles confusingly.

“Yeah. It’s rumoured that if you find it, it’ll be able to help power every system in your ship no matter how large,” explained the clerk.

“Every system? Including the weapons?” asked Simon.

“Yep. Everything” said the clerk.

“Where can we find it?” asked Chucky eagerly.

“The last place I heard where it was, is a small breathable moon, somewhere in the Diomadies system” stated the clerk.

“How do we know which moon it is?” asked Charles.

“You’ll know it when you find it. It’s the only breathable moon in that system,” explained the clerk.

“Well then, I think we should go and look for it, lads,” suggested Simon.

“Good idea. It’ll give a big boost of power to our systems,” stated Chucky.

“Well, I wish you guys good luck, because no one’s managed to find it yet,” explained the clerk.

“Well I assure you, we’ll be the first to find it,” stated Simon.

Chucky, Charles and Simon headed back to the Enterprise. Dave, Vicky, Helen, Cathy and Carol joined them shortly afterwards with their supplies.

A few seconds later, the Enterprise left the space dock and started to roam through space.


The Rogue Warriors were all on the bridge. Charles explained to the group about the inexhaustible fuel that they were on the search for.

“You mean it can power every system on this ship?” asked Helen.

“That’s what the rumour is,” said Charles.

“So, what system was it in?” asked Vicky.

“We think that it’s in the Diomadies system,” said Chucky.

“If we head their now, we should arrive within about two hours,” stated Simon.

“Who cares about some ‘inexhaustible oil’? Our ship’s powerful enough as it is!” stated Dave.

“No, Dave. We must go after this oil. If the Metrolians find it, their ships will be virtually unstoppable” explained Carol.

“She’s right. We must find it before the Metrolians” stated Cathy.

“Then I think this argument is over. Simon, set course for the Diomadies system, warp factor 3” ordered Charles.

“No problem” said Simon.

The Enterprise warped into space.


After two hours, the Enterprise dropped out of warp into the Diomadies system. There were no other ships in the area.

“The system seems clear, Charles” said Chucky as he finished the scan.

“It seems that we got here first,” stated Cathy.

“Well, lets hope so,” said Vicky.

“Chucky, initiate the scan on the nearby moons. See if you can find the breathable one” ordered Charles.

“Alright, Charles” said Chucky as he started the scan.

“How do we know that the oil’s on any of the moons?” asked Dave.

“Because the store clerk mentioned that it’s on the one that’s breathable,” stated Charles.

“Charles? I believe if found the moon we’re looking for,” said Chucky as he finished the scan.

“Excellent work, Chucky. Simon, set a course for the coordinated moon,” ordered Charles.

“No problem” said Simon.

The Enterprise then headed for the designated moon. It then entered the moons atmosphere and landed on the planet surface shortly afterwards.

“Landing cycle complete. However our fuel supply is extremely thin,” stated Simon as he worked on his station.

“How much do we have left, Simon?” asked Charles.

“Only enough for a couple light years,” said Simon.

“Then we better find this fuel otherwise were stuck here” said Charles.


The Rogue Warriors were in the hanger bay as they prepared to stock up.

“Just one thing, Charles” said Simon.

“What is it, Simon?” asked Charles.

“How will we know where the oil is on this planet?” asked Simon.

Charles then stopped to think.

“Good Question, Simon. We have nowhere to start on this planet,” stated Chucky.

“Actually, we do have something that will help us” stated Vicky.

Carol then got out a small handheld radar console from the cargo.

“We picked this up back on the space dock” she explained.

“What is it?” asked Charles.

“It’s a small oil detector,” said Cathy.

“So how are we supposed find oil with that little thing?” asked Dave impatiently.

“Dave, will you stop moping already? You’re coming to help us,” stated Charles.

“I bet its all a hoax” frowned Dave.

The others ignored Dave and continued to stock up.

Chucky and Simon started to stock up the empty barrels onto a trailer and attach it to the back of a jeep.

“What are doing with those barrels, Chucky?” asked Helen.

“We’re taking them along with us. We’re gonna need to stock up on as much fuel as possible so we don’t have to keep going back to the space dock so often” explained Chucky.

“It’ll definitely make our job easier against the Metrolians” stated Cathy.

Chucky and Simon had just packed the final barrel on the trailer.

“Alright, Charles. We’re ready to go,” said Simon.

“Very well then. Lets get going,” said Charles.

“I’ll drive,” said Simon as he got in the drivers seat.

Everyone except Dave got in the jeep.

“Come on, Dave, lets go” said Carol.

Dave then sighed.

“I’m telling you this is pointless!” he said with an annoyed fashion as he got in the jeep.

“Dave, could you keep your thoughts about the mission to yourself, please?!” asked Charles sarcastically.

Dave then frowned.

The bay doors opened and Simon drove outside onto the rocky terrain.


After about two hours, the Rogue Warriors continued their search for the rumoured inexhaustible oil without much luck. The sky was dark and cold.

The group was virtually tired out.

Vicky let out a yawn.

“It’s getting late guys. Maybe we should call it a night,” she suggested.

“You’re probably right, Vicky. But we’re too far away from the Enterprise. We best stay here for the night and make camp,” suggested Charles.

“Alright then. I’ll stop here so we can get the tents up,” said Simon.

Simon then stopped the jeep and they all exited it.

Simon, Dave, Chucky and Charles started to unload the tents and camping supplies.

The area was surrounded with old and worn out trees.

“Girls? Why don’t you go and collect some firewood while we set up the camp” suggested Charles.

“Alright, Charles” said Vicky as she and the other girls started the search.

As Dave continued to put up his tent, Charles, chucky and Simon leant by the jeep and started to chat.

“So guys, are you impressed by our progress so far?” asked Charles.

“I think its safe to say that we’re definitely gaining the upper hand in the war against the Metrolians,” stated Simon.

“Well, now that General Intellect’s dead, I believe were getting closer to bringing down the Empire everyday,” stated Chucky.

“I noticed the look on Carol’s and Cathy’s faces when they killed General Intellect. They never seemed happier,” said Simon.

Charles then felt cautious.

“I believe that was their bloodlust showing, Simon. They told us that they hate the Metrolians more than anything in the universe. Besides, it’s not right when someone gets a thrill over killing someone,” he explained.

“Oh come on, Charles. It’s not unnatural for someone to feel pleasure when they’ve killed their worst enemy. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times,” stated Chucky.

“Yeah. I mean, Dave does it all the time,” said Simon.

“That’s because he’s an idiot that constantly loses himself when he’s in a battle!” shouted Charles.

“Hey, don’t call me an idiot!” snapped Dave as he tried to put up his tents.


Vicky, Helen, Cathy and Carol were on the hunt for some firewood.

They managed to find some in an area where there was old small trees and broken off pieces of wood.

They started to gather them up.

“Ok, girls. I think that’s enough. Let’s head back,” suggested Carol after a few minutes.

“Ok then” said Vicky.

They all started to make their way back to the campsite with their firewood.

“Oh, by the way, Cathy?” asked Vicky.

“Yeah?” said Cathy.

“How are things going with you and Chucky?” asked Vicky.

They all then stopped.

“What do you mean ‘how are things going between me and Chucky?’” asked Cathy cautiously.

“Well, we all know that Carol here can’t go five minutes without lip wrestling with Simon” teased Vicky.

“Hey!” shouted Carol angrily as she blushed.

“And everybody knows that you and Chucky really fancy each other” teased Vicky.

Cathy started to blush. She laughed nervously.

“D-don’t be silly, Vicky. I don’t think of Chucky in that way. Besides, I find him rather too, well… geeky” said Cathy nervously.

“Oh don’t give us that, Cathy. We’ve all seen the way you look at him the past couple of weeks,” teased Helen.

Cathy then blushed bright red.

“L-look, can we just drop the subject please?” she asked nervously.

“But you’re blushing! Is there something you’re trying to hide?” teased Vicky.

“N-no, Vicky. I like Chucky a lo… I-I mean… I don’t think about him like tha… h- he’s just a friend!” Blushed Cathy.

Carol, Vicky and Helen dropped their firewood and fell to the knees as they laughed as hard as they could.

Cathy turned her head away in embarrassment.

Vicky managed to pick herself up but continued to laugh as she held onto Cathy to regain her balance.

“It’s ok, Cathy. Don’t feel embarrassed” reassured Vicky as she eventually stopped laughing.

Cathy then looked at her and eventually produced half a smile.

Helen and Carol eventually picked themselves up and stopped laughing.

“You’re just simply hiding the fact on how much you looooove him!” teased Vicky.

Helen and Carol started to laugh even harder and fell to the floor again.

Vicky joined them and laughed as hard as she could.

Cathy started to get a little annoyed.

“Oh yeah? Well, what about you always trying to get Charles to notice you by acting like a slut?” she teased.

“Ooooooh!” went Carol as she and Helen picked themselves up.

Vicky then started to blush.

“He… he’s just always distracted by Zeus or the Metrolians. He… he’ll start to notice me again once we get rid of them” she stated nervously.

“Ha. Yeah right!” said Helen under her breath.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Helen?” asked Vicky angrily.

“Oh, don’t let me go into detail,” teased Helen.

Vicky’s face went bright red with anger.

Cathy and Carol started to laugh.

They then made it back to the campsite with the firewood.

All the tents were put up.

Simon, Charles, Chucky and Dave prepared to get some food and other supplies out the jeep.

“We got the firewood,” said Helen.

“Good work. Go ahead and drop them on the fireplace” ordered Charles.

The girls dropped the firewood on the fireplace and started to sort it together.

Chucky then walked up to them.

“Ok, girls, just give me a second and I’ll get this fire started for you” he stated.

“Allow me, Chucky,” said Dave as he eagerly got out his flame gun and set fire to the fireplace.

Chucky managed to jump out of the path of the flame as it barely touched him.

“Chucky? Are you alright?” asked Cathy with great concern as she ran to his aid.

“Yeah. I’m ok,” he said as he got up.

Vicky and Helen looked on.

“No! She doesn’t fancy Chucky! She doesn’t see him in that way” whispered Vicky sarcastically to Helen.

Helen started to chuckle.

Chucky got up and glared at Dave.

“What?” asked Dave as if he didn’t accept any responsibility.


“Hey! You wanted the fireplace to be lit up!” shouted Dave.


“And what kind of person constantly carries a flame gun on them?” asked Charles angrily.

“A fully organized and determined person! Besides, rubbing two sticks together are for wusses!” stated Dave determinedly.

Cathy then stood up to Dave.

“So, are you calling Chucky a wuss?” she asked angrily.

“What? No, of course not. I’m just saying that he should use a more manly approach” stated Dave.

“So, you’re saying that he’s not manly enough to help set up camp. Is that what you’re saying?” asked Cathy angrily.

“Wow. Cathy’s definitely not interested in Chucky now!” whispered Vicky sarcastically to Helen.

Helen continued to chuckle.

Simon then stepped in.

“Alright, guys. That’s enough. Cathy, just ignore Dave. He’s having one of those moments where he thinks all hard and he’s the most important person in the universe,” he stated .

“HEY! I’LL BURN YOUR BLOODY HEAD OFF!!” yelled Dave as he pointed his flame gun at Simon.

Everyone then gasped.

Simon just sighed.

“Dave, put the gun down before you do something that you might regret” he said calmly.

Dave then thought and slowly put his gun down. Carol ran to Simon’s aid.

Everyone then glared at Dave.

“S-sorry everyone. I think I’ll just go to my tent,” he said embarrassingly.

“I think you better, Dave” glared Charles.

Dave then slowly walked to his tent.

Carol then hugged Simon.

“Are you ok?” she asked with concern.

“I’m fine, don’t worry” said Simon as Carol kissed him.

Vicky looked on.

“See, Helen? I was right. Carol can’t go five minutes without kissing Simon” she whispered.

“But it’s been a few hours since she last kissed him” stated Helen.

“It was just a figure of speech!” snapped Vicky.

The rest of the group started to laugh and have fun whilst they made a barbeque by the campfire.

After about ten minutes, Dave came out of his tent and apologized to everyone.

After Dave’s apology was accepted, they all huddled round the campfire and discussed their plans to find the oil.

After a couple of hours, The Rogue Warriors called it a night and went to sleep in their tents.


The next morning, the Rogue Warriors woke up from their tents and started to pack up the camp back to the jeep.

Shortly afterwards, they all jumped back in the jeep and continued the search for the inexhaustible oil.

Carol kept a constant check on her radar.

“Have you got anything yet, Carol?” asked Charles.

“No, not yet” said Carol.

“Chucky, are you sure that we’re on the right moon?” asked Vicky impatiently.

“The stores clerk said that he heard it was on the moon with the breathable atmosphere. I’ve scanned all the moons back on the Enterprise and this moon has the only breathable atmosphere in this system. This has to be it,” explained Chucky.

“Sorry I asked,” said Vicky under her breath.

Just then, Carol’s handheld radar started to beep.

“Hey guys. I think we’re nearing the oil,” she said.

“Oh, finally” said Dave.

“Ok, Stop around here, Simon” ordered Charles.

“Ok, Charles” said Simon as he stopped the jeep.

Everyone the got out of the jeep and started to get some mining equipment out.

They all started to follow Carol as she tracked down the signal.

“How much further, Carol?” asked Simon.

“It should be just around this bend,” said Carol.

As they went on, the signal got stronger. They then spotted an entrance to a mining shaft. As they approached it, the signal was at its strongest level.

“This is the place,” said Carol.

“But it seems like somebody else found it first” stated Helen.

“Well, I guess we were too late,” said Dave.

“Hey look guys. Maybe we’re not too late,” stated Charles.

“What do you mean?” asked Cathy.

“Maybe if we’re quick enough, we can ask whoever’s down there to borrow some oil. I mean it is inexhaustible and they won’t be needing the whole thing, right?” stated Charles.

“Hey yeah. We only need enough to power up the entire ship. And there could be millions of gallons in there” explained Simon.

“Alright then. Lets go in,” said Vicky.

They all then headed inside the mining shaft.


After about ten minutes, The Rogue Warriors found themselves deeper into the mine and found no signs to reach the end.

The all had their helmet torches on.

“Good god! How deep is this thing?” asked Dave.

“I have no idea,” said Chucky.

“Keep pressing on, everyone, we’ll make it to the end eventually” ordered Charles.

As they got deeper into the mine, they started to hear a voice that echoed silently in down the path.

“Can you here that?” asked Vicky.

“Yeah. Somebody’s down there” stated Helen.

“Well, lets go and persuade whoever it is to give us some oil,” suggested Charles.

“With pleasure, Charles” said Dave with an evil grin as he got his gun out.

“Dave, put your gun away! We’re not killing anyone!” snapped Simon.

Dave then frowned.

They all then headed for the source of the voice.

They all then stopped and looked shocked as they found the person at the end of the mine. That person was Zeus.

“What the hell is he doing here?” asked Helen fearfully.

“He must be after the oil as well,” concluded Chucky.

“Well, over our dead bodies, he’ll be getting it!” shouted Dave.

“Who’s there?” called out Zeus.

He then turned round and spotted the Rogue Warriors.

“Oh for god sake! Can’t you nosy bastards leave me alone for five seconds?” asked Zeus angrily.

“Don’t try and stop us, Professor. We’re gonna get to the oil first!” stated Cathy determinedly.

Zeus just looked on and pondered.

“Well it looks like we’re in a difficult situation,” he said.

“What do you mean?” asked Charles.

“It seems like that we’re both looking for oil for our ships and we’ve bumped into each other too early” stated Zeus.

“Well, let me solve our problem by beating you into a bloody pulp and chucking your carcass out of this mine!” threatened Dave.

“Wait! Listen to me! Beating the crap out of me won’t get you anywhere this time!” pleaded Zeus.

There was a pause.

“Just what are you suggesting, Professor?” asked Chucky cautiously.

Zeus then stepped up.

“If we put our differences aside for the time being, we should be able to help each other to find the oil we need” proposed Zeus.

“But if we help you find the oil, you’ll just take the entire thing and leave us with nothing” stated Helen angrily.

“I assure you, I will only take enough to power up my ship and leave the rest for you” assured Zeus.

“What if there isn’t enough for us?” asked Cathy angrily.

“Well then, I will share half of the oil with you” assured Zeus.

They all then thought for a moment.

“Well, I guess we have no choice. Alright, Zeus, we’ll help you. But know this, if this is just a trap, then we’ll make sure it’s redirected towards you” threatened Charles.

“I can assure you, Charles, that this is no trap,” stated Zeus.

As they started to dig, Charles looked over at Dave and gave him a nod. Dave then nodded back and left the area for a while. He then returned five minutes later and helped the others with the dig.


After about thirty minutes, Zeus and the Rogue Warriors continued to dig towards their destination. Dave came across a hollow wall and dug his way through it. His eyes then became amazed as he managed to find some ruins.

“Hey, guys! Come and look at this” called Dave.

Everyone approached Dave’s area and looked on with great awe.

In front of them was an ancient alien spaceship.

“Whoa!” said Simon with awe.

“What is that thing?” asked Helen.

“I’m not too sure,” said Carol confusingly.

“Lets go in and have a look,” suggested Zeus eagerly.

“Yeah, alright” said Charles cautiously.

Zeus quickly made his way towards the alien ship. The Rogue Warriors followed him but they were confused by the way he was acting.

“Why is Zeus so eager to get in that ship?” asked Chucky.

“I don’t know, Chucky. Lets just hope that he won’t do something stupid,” stated Charles.

They all then entered the alien ship. The walls, corridors and controls are of a strange pattern.

Zeus could hardly contain his excitement.

“This is it! I found it!” he thought to himself.

The Rogue Warriors looked around cautiously.

Carol’s handheld radar started to beep rapidly.

“Hey guys! I think that the oil’s here somewhere near this ship,” she stated.

Chucky decided to go off and scan the area with his tricorder.

“Where is it, Carol?” asked Vicky.

“I think we’re virtually on top of it,” stated Carol.

“Ok. Dave, get the barrels and place them outside of this ship. Carol, see if you can find the oil,” ordered Charles.

Dave then left to fetch the barrels.


Chucky managed to find the bridge of the ship. He then tried to hack into the computer system and find the ships logs.

He managed to find the final log entry.

It read, “To whom this may concern, leave this ship to rot. This ship is a devastating super weapon that must not be in the hands of anyone. This ship has enough firepower to destroy an entire planet within 4.5 hours. Do not attempt to destroy this ship. The explosion will take out half of the planet along with it”.

Chucky then looked scared. He then quickly ran out of the bridge and went of to find the others.

Carol followed the direction of her handheld radar to the oil. The others were close behind. It led them to the outer hull of the alien ship.

“According to this radar, the oil should be in this large hatch” she stated.

Vicky looked confused.

“Wait a minute. I thought it was meant to be inexhaustible within the depths of the mountains,” she complained.

“Well it looks like I was right. This entire mission was pointless!” gloated Dave.

“Oh, Dave, don’t start this again” said Simon.

“Never mind. It’s oil nonetheless. Lets just take what we can and get out of here,” ordered Charles.

“Well, Rogue Warriors, I’ll be in the ship if you need me” said Zeus as he crept his way inside the ship.

“Wait, Professor! Why do you need to be in the ship?” asked Cathy cautiously.

“I just… want to examine some…things” hesitated Zeus.

Charles and Dave glared cautiously at Zeus.

Chucky then ran out of the ship and pushed pass Zeus.

“Guys. We have to leave this ship alone where it is,” he stated whilst he caught his breath.

“What for, Chucky. We could use some parts of this ship for our own use” explained Helen.

“No. I’ve checked the logs. This entire ship is one big weapon of mass destruction. It is capable of destroying entire planets,” explained Chucky.

“Entire planets?” asked Cathy fearfully.

“Yes. It’s too dangerous for anyone to use. We must leave it where it is” stated Chucky.

Zeus started to laugh manically.

“Perfect. The rumours were true,” he said with an evil grin.

“What are you talking about, Professor?” asked Carol cautiously.

“I want to thank all of you for helping me discover the truth about this ancient alien ship,” he stated.

“But I thought you just wanted the inexhaustible oil” said Cathy.

“Ha. Don’t you realise how ridiculously stupid that sounds? There’s no such thing as inexhaustible oil. This oil that you found is just highly concentrated. I was after this ship. I heard rumours of it after you lot chased me out of the Scorpanents planet. I heard it from a space station near that area,” explained Zeus.

“So, you knew that this ship was here all along?” asked Simon angrily.

“Yep. And I want to thank you all for helping me to dig it out. Now, I’ll just get in this ship and then I’ll be on my way,” stated Zeus.

“I’m afraid we can’t let you do that” said Charles as he stepped up confidently.

“What are you going to do about it, Rogue Warriors? I’ve got the ultimate weapon,” said Zeus angrily.

Charles just glared at Zeus.

“Ha. I thought so. There’s nothing you can do,” stated Zeus confidently.

“There isn’t any need to do anything. We’ve already beat you,” snapped Charles.

“What? How is that possible?” asked Zeus angrily.

“Because if I’m not mistaken, all ships, ancient or not, need fuel to power up the systems. And guess what we’ve got” explained Charles cheekily.

Dave, Vicky and Carol had just filled up the final barrel.

“WHAT?! GIVE ME THAT FUEL NOW!!” yelled Zeus.

“How about no? You crazy three eyed bastard!” joked Simon.

Zeus was then filled up with rage.

“Quick, let’s get out of here now!” stated Vicky.

The Rogue Warriors picked up the barrels and headed for the exit.

“GET BACK HERE!!” yelled Zeus as he began to chase after them.

The Rogue Warriors made it to the exit.

“Did you set that explosive by the entrance, Dave?” asked Charles.

“Yep” said Dave.

“Well then, set it off” ordered Charles.

As the Rogue Warriors took cover, Dave set of the explosive. A small cave in had sealed Zeus inside the mineshaft.

The Rogue Warriors got up from their cover and let out a sigh of relief.


As the Rogue Warriors put the oil barrels back in the trailer behind the jeep, Chucky took a look back towards the mineshaft and pondered. Cathy approached him.

“Are you alright, Chucky?” she asked with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Cathy” he said.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“No. Its just, I wonder how long it’ll be before Zeus can get out of that mine” stated Chucky.

“I thought you would be happy that one of our enemies is sealed for the time being,” stated Cathy.

“I know I should be, but I can’t escape the feeling that he might accidentally blow up a huge chunk of this moon in order to escape” stated Chucky with concern.

Cathy then just looked at Chucky with concern in her eyes. She then grabbed Chucky’s head and kissed him on the lips.

Chucky’s eyes widened as he blushed.

“Heh?” he went nervously.

“You looked like you needed that,” said Cathy as she blushed.

“O-ok. Th-thanks” said Chucky nervously as he headed for the jeep.

Cathy smiled as she blushed for about five seconds. She then made her way back towards the jeep.

They then got in the jeep and drove their way back towards the Enterprise.


Season Two, Episode Ten.