Death Bringer's The Prestinium

As hunting in the mind of Adam J Purcell

Tonb Terak

Physical Description

Encased in protective armour. Metallic grey and extremely well kept, it gives him a very dangerous appearance. He is well armed and carries a Jet-Pack on his back, always ready for battle. .



His origins are completely unknown, he has never discussed them but rumours have it that his home planet lies out in the unknown regions. Somehow he found his way into known space and began work as a freelance soldier, a mercenary. His work soon developed into bounty hunting and hired destruction. He quickly made a name for himself as a consummate professional who never fails to honour a contract. For a number of years Terak successfully dealt with the Empire, usually performing assassinations and sabotage, until they tried to kill him that is. It was after he single handedly eliminated the entire ruling council of the Ui'Ghtoch system (an important Alliance sympathiser) that the Empire made its attempt on his life. Believing Terak to know too much they rigged his ship to explode when it went to Hyperspace after the job. It failed to go off. Terak, unaware of this, was then asked to assassinate General Henral Wefod of the Imperial Navy - a suspected rebel spy. He followed his target on vacation to Chandrila. Little known to him Imperial agents had tailed him there and beat him to Wefod. Less than pleased Terak fled Chandrila expecting problems from the Imperials. He was correct. Two Lancer frigates ambushed his ship in orbit. Multiple Quad Laser Cannon hits destroyed his craft, the Avenger. Badly injured he narrowly escaped in a damaged escape pod and crash landed back on Chandrila. A few months later he was hired by a retired Imperial Captain (who was against the 'New Order') to rescue some friends held in the penal colony of Star's End. These 'friends' gave Terak the chance to work for the Alliance Against the New Order. He agreed to assist a team of rebels on a number of missions, always for a good price. A Vice Admiral (rumoured to be of the same species) captured Terak's remaining family and tried to force him to track down the rebels in his team. Never one to submit to blackmail he attempted to rescue his family. The Admiral was prepared and had Terak captured. He stated that he had killed his captives and warned Terak never to cross the Empire again. Why the Vice Admiral took particular interest in Terak is unknown, he is rarely heard of and apparently spends most of his time outside Imperial space...



Has always preferred action and a good fire fight to ambiguous speech. Once he was considered to have little personality, his actions were entirely based on the requirements of the moment. Things have changed. He has become twisted, almost evil. Always works alone and has little interest in rejoining the Alliance, he knows they would not appreciate his methods and are unlikely to trust him anymore. Never speaks of himself and carefully ensures that no one ever sees him unmasked. Shows little positive emotion and acts in a very cold fashion,