Death Bringer

As inhabiting the mind of Adam J Purcell

Death Bringer with wrist knives

Original Name

Ayfnent Jiphaq Buntz


Physical Description

Death Bringer is a seven foot tall silver giant of a figure with a head that looks like a metal skull with two great spikes jutting up from his lower jaw and a pair of horns on the sides of his head - truly a death's head. Fluid Human movement, apparent bone structure and musculature suggests that he is in fact a Human in ultra-thin armour, instead of the mechanoid he really is. A gladiatorial style costume and flowing red cape make him appear almost senatorial, but also dangerous. Various weapons are attached to his back and covered with his round shield. He usually wears a mildly angry expression while on a mission, giving an intimidating guise.



Kidnapped by Imperial spies who believed him to have 'dangerous knowledge' after he and his more evasive brother did a bounty hunting job (to terminate an Imperial officer gone rogue) as set by the Empire. The Imperial convoy carrying him and other important prisoners was attacked and hijacked by the Rebels. He and all his fellow prisoners were executed to prevent them and any valuable knowledge getting into Rebellion hands, one survived, just. Death Bringer's barely living remains were stabilised in a Bacta suspension tank and transported to the Rebel base 'Home'. Once there he was pronounced beyond medical help and therefore dead. A radical experimental cyborg process, pioneered by Doctor Bardsion Halum, gave him a mechanical body and a new life.


Death Bringer full portrait


Sensory deprivation caused by the limbo between bodies spent in a Bacta tank has changed him. His mind is now part computer and his emotions are strictly controlled. He likes to think that he's incapable of pity or mercy but the truth is sometimes otherwise. Money and contracts are all to him now. Personal feelings are nothing, except bad for business, yes. He often finds himself amazed at the situations he finds himself in but has recently learned how to resign himself to such petty annoyances, most of the time.



Huge financial success and fame in the 'Freelance Peacekeeping' circles. To have a reputation of always honouring a contract, being the best in the trade and ruthless to his victims.


Special Abilites

  • Impervious to climate changes and temperatures up to 195 degrees Centigrade.
  • Does not require air or any atmosphere to survive.
  • Visual enhancement allows him to see clearly even in the most difficult of conditions.
  • He can directly link himself into any modern computer system via a probe jack located in his left forefinger.
  • Built in Jet Pack powered directly by in-built fusion generator - continued use for 2 ½ hours possible.
  • Capable of total recall on prespecified information and wideband scanning via internal sensor grids.



`Prefer the term Mechanoid, yes?´

`Prefer the term Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, yes?´