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Tales from the Outer Zone

A Staggering Anthology Series

There is nothing wrong with your browser. Do not attempt to adjust the gamma correction. We are now controlling your computer. We are taking you to the next dimension. It is a dimension beyond that which is known to humanity. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from this dimension of Staggering Stories. It is an area we call The Outer Zone.

Rogue Warriors
By Andy Dunn
What would happen if a group of alien warriors were transported to modern day Earth?
Desperate Measures
By Karen Dunn
Life can be a struggle for everyone, some more so than others.
By Adam J Purcell
In a world of digital convergence, what is the ultimate step?
The Hospital
By Adam J Purcell
What might happen if an 'entertainment' programme met reality?
Away In A Farmyard Animal Fodder Receptacle
By Andy Simpkins
What would modern bureaucracy make of the nativity?
The Trials of Christmas
By Adam J Purcell
Christmas is hard work for some. At what cost?
By Adam J Purcell
What happens when one technology controls the whole world? Is this future really just around the corner?
God Complex
By Adam J Purcell
Do you have consciousness? Does anyone else?
The Camera Club
By Adam J Purcell
Where's the danger in wanting to become a celebrity?
The Control Man
By Adam J Purcell
How far must you go to completely control your own life?
Mind the Gap
By Adam J Purcell
The Human mind is a powerful thing but what happens when your mind is no longer your own? What happens when you fight to save it?
It was a Cold Night
By Teresa Clark
If you go down to the woods today...