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Buccaneer Klingon Application: K'Retalra's Reference

As extracted by Keith Dunn

In response to your request for a reference to the being that calls himself the "Buccaneer".

I state now for the record that I don't know this being, neither do I want to.

He seems to be a boorish arrogant man who will get himself and those around him killed.


In fact I told him this when he arrived on Starbase Olympus to see me, claiming that he had some kind of time machine (yes, I will admit he was in time to stop the fusion reactors from going critical!) But that was the only time.


There was also last year when he helped out at the trade delegation (I was handling security). We were attacked by a race of clone warriors that the Buccaneer called Sontarans.



I have meet this man more times then I can accurately recall, on numerous planets around the Empire and when I have trouble has soon followed (or in extreme cases already been there waiting).

When we have meet nothing less than the fate of the Empire (or at lest the planet we were on) has been at stake.

There are a very few men I would trust to fight at my side, The Buccaneer is one of them (though I would not trust him behind me (it is said that you can gauge a man by the nature of his eyes, his eyes speak to me of dark infinity and deep gods)

I would recommend him to be part of the team,