Keith Dunn

Name Keith Dunn
Age Old (a Vorlon to Bill Cook's Lorien).
Status We are cloaked!!
Size According to sources close to Mr.Dunn, two inches.
Hairline Going fast.. Garibaldi Rating... season three.
Position Reality advisor - the one who says "it's not going to work".
Most likely to say "you may want to chimp at that rock with hand held pixies".
Least likely to say "Do you know, Tony, you were right."


Faddius Covington was born in 1930 to a wealthy family.

He was educated at St. Oscars University and graduated with honours, excelling in the sciences.

He made his own personal fortune with a number of shrewd investments.

He pathed the ground work for the silicon chip revolution. It was about this time he became awry of the approaching danger's of world hunger. To tackle this problem he retired to his sixty-four-room mansion on an island he owned in the Outer Hebrides where he spent the next two years cross-pollinating fungus and moulds to try and produce the most nutritional mushroom.

It was in October 1964 that disaster struck, he decided to test his latest creation. He had his chefs create a three-course meal replacing the meat with mushroom. Unfortunately a major factor of the fungus and mould were largely hallucinogenic. He consumed the meal on the twelfth by the thirteenth he was as nutty as squirrel poo.

He believed that he was a baby called Keith Andrew born to the Dunn family living in Crawley.

He imagined that he went to school at Thomas Bennett where he came in contact with the entity known as Kevin Mitchell (there will be less of Mitch's wisdom later).

It was on 1983 that role-playing games first stump led in to Keith's strange weaving world. The first game he played was Traveller, then moved on to F.A.S.A.'s star trek game.

He has moved on to games mastering his own games.

He has also imagined that he has married and has two sons, he is very proud of his wife and takes every opportunity to talk about her.

Such is the power of Faddius's hallucination other people believe that they know Keith. One of them is known as Adam Purcell (it seems sometimes obvious that Adam does have his suspicions). Adam gate crashed this little pothole of insanity in the late 80's and has been attempting to escape ever since.

In '91 Keith undertook a pet project, the renovation of a Tony Gallichan. This is going to be a long and lengthy project as much of the foundation is crumbling, the lagging is weakening and pigeons are roosting in the thatch. And every now and then cosmic forces get together and give him a poke for a laugh.

A recent addition to this dreamscape is Andy Simpkins, who until he meshes with improbable Vibes he is slightly bemused but unfortunately for his own sanity he is getting there.

Keith would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been through, played with or known the Crawley mob (they know just who they are) thanks for many years of insanity and many more.