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The Triangle:
The New Trans-Galactic Order

An Intelligence overview by Brigadier Khaji K'Mpec

Stardate 9808.23, Starbase Olympus

The leader of this new threat to Klingon and indeed galactic security is the Emperor Palpatine. The original Palpataine was a senator in the Old Republic, a government based a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away. However his lust for power created an empire from the dying corpse of the Old Republic.

The Emperor is a master of the dark side of the Force, little is known of how he achieved this mastery but it can be safe to say he is dangerous with or without this great skill.

The Emperor was thought dead after his prize weapon, the Death Star, was destroyed over Endor's moon, however the Emperor returned six years later in a new cloned body. He revealed that he had cloned himself many times before, discarding, decaying used-up bodies in favour of a new youthful clone bodies whenever the need arose. His second reign of terror in his native reality ended due to the actions of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

A new clone has found himself in the Triangle. He is trying to create a strong hold and an alliance with many more races and groups of evil in the Triangle.

His renowned expertise in the dark-side of the Force has enabled the Emperor to influence many to join and serve him with great loyalty. However, the Force wasn't needed to persuade the ancient race known as The Shadows to join his federation of evil, they appear quite willing to help Palpatine and have provided ships and technology. Part of this technology has been utilised in the initiation of the Death Star project. Even though many races have contributed the Shadows appear to have helped boost the strength and indeed speed of the planet destroying battle station more than any other (apart from, of course the Empires own).

The original Death star measured 120 kilometres in diameter. The completed Death star's personnel complement included twenty-seven thousand forty-eight officers, seven hundred seventy-four thousand five hundred seventy six troops, and pilots. And crewers, almost four hundred thousand support personnel, and more than twenty-five thousand stormtoopers. It carries assault shuttles, blast boats, strike cruisers, and drop ships, land vehicles and various support ships in its massive hold along with seven thousand two hundred TIE fighters. Its surface was protected by ten thousand turbo-lasers batters, Two thousand five hundred laser cannons, two thousand five hundred ion cannons, over seven hundred tractor-beam projectors, and a super laser capable of destroying whole worlds.

The new improved Death star will presumably be more powerful than the original however reports are limited on the Death stars project's latest developments.

The elite of the Order's fighting force are the Stormtroopers, soldiers dressed in white ready and willing to perform the Emperor's bidding. Many new Stormtroopers have been forced into the position of total loyalty with the aid of rogue Borg technology.

Sitting at the Emperors right hand is Darth Vader II (still referred to by many as Darth Vader and/or Lord Vader). This new Dark Lord of the Sith was created from a clone of Luke Skywalker. The original Darth Vader was Anikin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker's father. He was forced to wear life-supporting armour, that became his trade mark, after a battle with his former mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi which ended with Skywalker/Vader falling into a molten pit. Through a strange twist of fate this new Darth Vader has been forced into wearing the same style of armour due to an accident in the cloning tanks. Some have suggested that this 'accident' was created by the Emperor in an attempt to increase the abilities of his new disciple.

Many races and groups from all over the multiverse (thanks to the Cromagg 'sliding' devices) have joined in the Emperor's plans including the Cylons, Daleks, Cybermen and the Mirror Universe counterparts of the U.S.S Enterprise crew under the command of Captain James T Kirk. This I.S.S. Enterprise has been upgraded, still keeping its original aesthetics quality. Little is known about these upgrades but it can be assumed that a clocking device has been installed.

However it has come to my attention that the race, native to an alternate Earth, known as the Cromaggs has resisted the Emperor's attempt to recruit them. They consider anything slightly human to be offensive and are both the enemy of the order and of ourselves. Treat them as rogues, they will not negotiate. Terminate on sight or be prepared to be torched and eventually eaten. Humans beware, your eyes are considered a delicacy by these creatures.

The help of intelligence agents Bill Slavicsek, Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda and Debbie Mirek are duly noted in my log. Without these our knowledge of the new threat would be severely blinkered.


Notes: The above mentioned intelligence agents are authors of reference books. Bill Slavicsek wrote the indispensable a guide to the Star wars universe and the last three wrote every Trekkers bible the star trek Encyclopaedia and the Star trek Omnipedia. Recommended reading for any RPG warrior. The Nitpickers guide for next generation Trekkers Volume two by Phil Farrand is also recommended (as are all of his works) if only for the Techno babble Generator use full for any RPG reports. Please feel free to add to this diverse conflict against evil in your RPG reports, any ideas will be added to the future guides to the events in the Triangle. This is a wonderful cocktail of universes and is our playground, so have fun and may the force be with you.

Tristram Walker, 23 August 1998