Audio: Other Music/ Sketches

Here's some other pieces that don't really fit in anywhere else. Some of it is based on familiar tracks used in Doctor Who. There's also some rather amusing sketches.

Sketches: The Forty Fast Years In The TARDIS Show

Celebrate 40 years of Doctor Who. If you are familiar with the Fast Show then these should be familiar to you...
Written by Gavin Standen and Tony Gallichan
Performed by Gavin Standen and Tony Gallichan
Music by Tony Gallichan
Ron Manager Reviews...
MP3 (2,548 KB)
Ogg Vorbis (2,160 KB)
Association football pundit Ron Manager reviews the classics. This time... Genesis of the Daleks.
Professor Denzil Dexter's "Whitaker Science" 101
MP3 (337 KB)
Ogg Vorbis (278 KB)
Static and mercury - what a combination!!!
Rassilon, Omega and....Archie?
MP3 (1,217 KB)
Ogg Vorbis (1,001 KB)
The seventh Doctor takes time out from his business with Death's Head at Bonjaxz's party to talk to an elderly gentleman with a penchant for Sinatra...

Mr Dalek: The Audio Adventures

Dalek Empire IV - Mr Dalek Discovers the True Meaning of Christmas.
MP3 (9,883 KB)
Yes, it's the Staggering Stories Christmas staff party, 2003. Written by Xippy award winning writer, Karen Dunn. The sequel to Mr Dalek Goes For A Glide, this time our Skaroan friend discovers the true meaning of Christmas.
Be very afraid.
Dalek Empire V - Mr Dalek's Roman Holiday.
MP3 (9.493 KB)
Listen in awe to the Staggering Stories Christmas Staff Party 2004 as our hero, Mr. Dalek, goes on holiday to Rome. You can see where this is going... Written by Karen Dunn.
Dalek Empire VI - Mr Dalek's Night Before Christmas.
MP3 (7,201 KB)
Be very afraid - its the Staggering Stories' Christmas Staff Party 2005. Again written by Karen Dunn, narration and music by Tony. (who suffered greatly with the Space Mumps whilst doing this so you'd all better bloody enjoy it or else!). Derbyshire melody and bassline kindly provided by Danny and Ian Stewart. Also special thanks must go to Hardwire for his Gold string arpeggio.
Dalek Empire VII - Mr Dalek Invades Trumptonshire.
MP3 (17,512 KB)
2006's Mr Dalek offering, done with the greatest of affection for the works of Gordon Murray. WARNING - Tony sings in this mp3.
Dalek Empire VIII - The Saga Of The Miraculous Mr Dalek.
MP3 (2,868 KB)
RetroRobot brings us this wonderful poem, narrated by Tony Gallichan, that sums up that little terror we know and love - Mr Dalek!
Mr Dalek at the Eurovision Song Contest.
MP3 (715 KB)
Mr Dalek does what we'd all like to do when we see the Eurovision Song contest, in his inimitable way! Written by Martinus Scriblerus and narrated by Adam Purcell.
Dalek Empire IX - Mr Dalek and the Year of the Gap
MP3 (20,775 KB)
Find out what Mr Dalek has been doing in his apparently quiet time - putting right what once went wrong! Written by Benjamin F. Elliott and narrated by Tony Gallichan.
Dalek Empire X - Mr Dalek and the Amiable Assassin
MP3 (21,357 KB)
Is Mr Dalek marked for death by actor? Written by Benjamin F. Elliott and narrated by Tony Gallichan.
Dalek Empire XI - The Twenty throod of Novemby (aka Mr Dalek: The 23rd of November)
MP3 (10,817 KB)
The devasting trust about the origin of Mr Dalek! Written by Benjamin F. Elliott, narrated by Tony Gallichan and translated into Unwinese by John Ranson.
Dalek Empire XII - Mr Dalek Goes for a Glide
MP3 (2,380 KB)
The first ever Mr. Dalek story, now in audio form!

The Secret Log of Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Episode 1: Stardate 41799.7
MP3 (8,400 KB)
Yes, it's the Staggering Stories Christmas staff party, 2012. At long last, Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s most private thoughts, his memoirs if you will, have been committed to audio.
A big thank you to Siobhan Gallichan for performing the narration and production and, of course, Tim Munro and Nick Cooper for allowing us to bring this to you.
You can read along at The Secret Log of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Episode 1.
Episode 2: Stardate 42000.1
MP3 (10,318 KB)
Yes, the time is upon us, it's the Staggering Stories Christmas staff party, 2013. That glutton for punishment, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, brings his Secret Log up to the beginning of the second year of their grand voyage.
A big thank you to Siobhan Gallichan for performing the narration and production and, of course, Tim Munro for allowing us to bring this to you.
You can read along at The Secret Log of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Episode 2.

Other Music

MP3 (4,190 KB)
So, I had a fumble with an iPad2. It has this great thingy called Garage Band. It's a three quid app that is simply blummin' well flippin' superb! I am in love with it and want to marry it. As a result, I finally got around to doing a Peter Howell version of the theme. Using the bassline from Mr. Howell's track, with thanks to Danny Stewart et al, which I imported onto the pad. There's an eigth track mixer - however, you can always export single tracks to the pc and carry on, which I did. The thing comes with built in instruments - LOTS of synths! And guitars! Including a distorted rock guitar which was useful.

This isn't by any means perfect. This was my first go at things on the iPad2. There's waaaayyyy too much reverb for a start. See if you can spot it!
Original 2005 Mr Dalek Music
MP3 (9,120 KB)
Hmm...this is the full length, incorrect version of the music to Dalek Empire VI. Done before I'd recorded the narration, I, er, over did it a little bit. So at the start is a frankly awful version of the Doctor Who theme that sounds like a funeral dirge - I hate it... ended up dropping it completly and then taking the final chord sequence and reworking it into a new beginning section which just used the main statement of the melody. However, theres another mistake - the Bad Wolf/TimeLord/Flavia theme is very wrong - I'd done it from memory and had to have it pointed out to me by Danny Stewart. Thanks to him, Ian Stewart and Hardwire as above...
Mr Dalek's Song
MP3 (910 KB)
Every character in Trumptonshire seems to have a song, so we see no reason why Mr Dalek shouldn't have one too... This is the instrumental. Go to the Mr Dalek Invades Trumptonshire page for the lyrics.
Doctor Who
MP3 (3,768 KB)
A test version of the end theme for Dalek Empire VI - theres no Murray Gold strings in this one and the 'scream' kicks in slightly earlier. Also, no Bad Wolf...its just the theme...enjoy. Thanks to Danny and Ian Stewart for the Delian melody and bassline.
Mr Dalek's Xmas Bad Wolf
MP3 (6,814 KB)
The music for Dalek Empire VI. Derbyshire melody and bassline kindly provided by Danny and Ian Stewart. Also special thanks go to Hardwire for his Gold string arpeggio.
Doctor Who
MP3 (2,044 KB)
With gleeful thanks to the BBC's Doctor Who website. Presented here as a tribute to the late, great Delia Derbyshire.
Mr. Dalek's Christmas Suite
MP3 (8,684 KB)
A suite of music from the 2003 staff party. Featuring Little Town Of Bethlehem, Macfadyan's Folly, the Doctor Who theme and The First Noel - with a tip of the hat to The Box Of Delights. Jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle etc etc blah blah...
In Flight
MP3 (1,112 KB)
Another very very old piece, done for the first trailer. Yes, it's another try at doing a Paddy Kingsland. This is a version of the basic four note theme he uses every now and again, notably in Hitchhiker's as well as, for example, Castrovalva. It starts with the four note theme paddy used as a theme for the TARDIS in season 18 onwards.

It is, again, a little rough and ready. It uses the creative 16 bit font. So, please forgive its crudity. Thanks.
Doctor Who (Saul mix)
MP3 (3,627 KB)
This is the eldest known piece of music that I have done in existence. It was done waaaayyyy back in 1990/91.

A friend's brother had a little set up involving an atari st amid all sorts of strange and wonderful things and offered to let me have a little play around. The result was this. A version of the Doctor Who theme with a little bit added on at the start that some might find familiar. Its VERY rough and ready but it certainly does the job. I used it as an audition piece for joining a band and got the job because of it. This version is taken from an old audio cassette and I'm afraid when I transfered it I buggered up the volume settings. As a result some of the frequencies have been brutally cut off. I've done a little channel mixing on it to try to make it a little better. I've also done some noise reduction, but it is still a tad bleeurg.

However, its very atmospheric and one day I intend to redo the thing completely.

As for the name, Saul mix, at the first exo space convention I was privileged to read an early version of Paul Cornell's Timewyrm - Revelation after I kindly killed the parrot, (and chapter nine) for him. Something about that book is special. I dunno if its the atmosphere or the fact that Paul seems to pour his heart out in it, but it is quite simply a beautiful book, in my opinion. So, this was done as a little tribute to it.

And as for the very very first one I ever did, that was back in 1984, using a VL tone from casio and two tape recorders - which unfortunately were running at a very slightly different speed to each other.

Thankfully, the cassette tapes with that on have mercifully been destroyed by BBC archivists.

Anyway, enjoy this. After all these years, and even though the mistakes and the poor sound quality, it still has a certain something.
The Worst Doctor Who Theme in the World... Ever!
MP3 (3,512 KB)
Yet another very old piece. Its so bad its good, if you get what I mean... Part of me hates it, yet part of me likes it. Think "Go With Noakes" and you'll get the idea...
Argolin Sunset
MP3 (3,890 KB)
Based on the music to the Ron Manager/Genesis sketch and yes, my influences are showing!
The Watcher
MP3 (800 KB)
Another season 18 piece and another very early attempt at music. Loved this in Logopolis, so I hope I've done it justice...
When Kingslands Attack!
MP3 (1,612 KB)
A very early piece from the old Bucky rpg. As mentioned elsewhere, I was originally going to use "Edo" as a basis for a running theme to season one. Things have now moved on, so enjoy this while you can. Isa bit dodgy but if you like your Paddy Kingsland, you may just like this...
Who Romantic
MP3 (1,364 KB)
The first thing that we did. A version of the Dr. Who theme with bits from "Vienna", "Do they know it's Christmas" and "Save A Prayer" thrown in for good measure. I'll update it later, ok?
Cloistered Shadows - Theme to The Triangle: Eternity War
MP3 (2,972 KB)
I believe in recycling and it is in that spirit that we've popped this here. It was originally done for an Ultravox sound-a-like competition... I came first [and simultaneously last with the same submission - there's symmetry for you! - Ed.]. However, it also rather nicely fits in with the Triangle so enjoy...
You Do Trust Me, Don't You? (of course you do...) Hacket's Theme
MP3 (996 KB)
I like this. Adam wanted something similar to the theme from "House Of Cards" trilogy with a little of the "Imperial March" by John Bloody Williams. I really do like this.
MP3 (2,182 KB)
A cover of the Midge Ure track from the album "The Gift". Originally done as a recurring theme in season one of The Buccaneer Chronicles, I decided that I could be a bit more original and am planning a different piece to take its place.