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Doctor Who: Limericks Collection 2

By Cyberferret and Kandl


On the shores of Marinus stood Arbitan...
and Yartak the Voord, he did ban
his daughter and friends...
with the keys that they tend
with Who's help did acomplish his plan!

on Skaro young Davros aspired
to the conquest space and planets aquired
by his creations of tin
with a slug plugged right in
who'd look after him when he retired.


On Aridius, all covered in sand
not a good place for the TARDIS to land
there are Mire Beast
and of trouble that was least
until the Doctor did lend a hand

On Aridius, all covered in sand
not a good place for the TARDIS to land
there are Mire Beast
who wanted to feast
on poor Barbara, now isn't that grand

Hear a tale of a doctor named Evelyn
when she saw choccie cake, she grinned
she travelled about...
and had plenty of clout
to see the Doc you think he'd been shovelin' it in!

On the Time Lord home planet of Gallifrey
our friend the Doc has a pal or three
theres Leela and K9
oh, and of course, K9
and they all get together to have tea

A Sontaran with a head wide and round...
saw a Rutan on a planet he found
he was going to blast it...
the green tentacled git
but his raygun was a bit less then sound

In Paris did young Steven wander...
With the francs the Doc gave him to squander
But trouble was brewing...
the catholics were stewing
On how to solve it the Doctor did ponder

there once was a terrible Weed
in the North Sea, it did breed
it made people cough
and it lived in the froth
till Victoria's scream made it recede


There once was a Zygon called Broton
who fell madly in love with a Kroton
but his love turned to hate
because on his first date
she left him to go off with an Ogron!!

there is a nice lady called Sarah
its always a pleasure to hear her
she loves eating chocs
from out of the box
and anyone elses thats near her

on the freezing ol' planet of Telos
lived some unhappy Cybermen fellows
'were freed by Krieg and his crew
with the Doctor's help too
but only for just 3 more episodes

If you want a good room for a chat
The VIP lounge is where its at
the members have wit
and never a GIT
cos the ferret takes care of the tw*t

if you come in here to be a git
you'd better beware the ferret
because we aren't there
you dont need to swear
and if you do, your gonna get bit

There is a nice girl called Kandl
whose humour is easy to handle
she is so full of fun
and likes everyone
and she burns both ends of the candle

CyberFerret guards VIP room
his antics take away the gloom
if you give him a treat
he'll run round your feet
and sends all the gits to their DOOM!!!