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Doctor Who: I Remember...
50 Years of Doctor Who

By Siobhan Gallichan

Ten Years Later...

Where was I?

Oh yes. Right. Got it. Purcell-face wants another 'Oh, I remember Doctor Who' thingy.

To be honest, I sort of gave my all in the one for the fortieth. However, I said that I'd try to update it for the last ten years... Oh dear.

I shall be honest. I find modern Doctor Who far more disposable then 'classic' Doctor Who. I don't tend to go back and watch it anywhere near as much as I do it's predecessor. Doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it. I do. Aside from the odd episode that is... I'm not sure why this is. Maybe the familiarity of the original series being like a warm cocoon? Somewhere safe to let your mind come back to. To hide from the world with? I dunno.

The splurge of merchandising has certainly taken me aback. A lot of it is incredibly tacky. Obviously, the programme is being milked for all it is worth. The cosying up to America is one example of this. I watched the 'Doctor Who in the USA' programme on the Series 7 box set. Dear Bod, how far up America's arse is the Beeb???? Sickeningly sycophantic. And so, so cynical. Maybe I'm just getting old – this is obviously what the world is like nowadays. However, I really don't like it. It's like Comic Cons... glorious monuments to greed. So very depressing. And I'm just as bad. I would wander around, drooling at all the pretty shiny shinys..

Still, personally, things are on the up. As you may have noticed, er, I'm now Siobhan. Surprise! I'm running The Flashing Blade podcast – my own little baby that's been going for four years or more now. I left Staggering Stories just as I got very ill. Being ill gave me a bit of a new perspective on life, to be honest. I don't count my chickens now. Much.

I've fallen out of love with Fandom, however. And podcasting. Been doing it too long. How Radio Free Skaro keep going is anyone's guess. As Aunty Vanessa said....

Sorry this isn't. And that it's a bit of a downer. But, well, that's life...


Siobhan Gallichan wants an automated laser monkey. And a space hat!